The Road to Alexandria… almost.

       Today I planned to go to a new boulder (project hunting) way deep in Joshua Tree National Park, CA. A few friends and I were on a journey to a boulder problem called Alexandria – V7.
I have been reading the description of Alexandria, it sounds like a boulder problem that I would LOVE. Good hard balance moves on crimps up high, ending on jugs to the top out. I found this picture of Alexandria online. It looks so beautiful, almost reminds me of some high boulders out in Bishop.

We met up at 10am in Intersection Rock parking lot, and then decided to head straight towards Alexandria. There are a lot of boulders in JTree that have a 2 second approach, but Alexandria is an exception. Depending if you get lost or not, the approach can be ~30min-1hr long. On the way there is a gorgeous boulder with this problem called: Psyche – V4. Nice & high, an arete style problem that is slightly overhanging. On a nippy and windy day, we climbed Pscyhe as the warmup problem.

The moment before the ankle roll injury

Quickly into climb time we had an incident. Preston was almost done with the problem, but  popped off a hold from the top… landed on the pads wrong, spraining his ankle.

You can see that his right foot is slightly angled before landing on the pads, which was the foot that was ultimately sprained. The injury is a big combo of a bad high fall/falling position/pad. So from that moment on, climbing for the day was done.
It was still a gorgeous day, continuing to be dirtbag climber… beer and a comfy crashpad in Caveman (Hidden Valley Campground) makes any day better.

No crutches out in the wilderness, so we have to work together to help the disabled get back to the car!

Next week: 2nd attempt to sending Alexandria! First step is getting to the boulder, haha. Hopefully no mishaps on the next trip.

climb on!
-Natalie Duran

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