Psyched again

I have to admit, I have been in an intense climbing slump the past few weeks. I was considering taking a long break from climbing to regain my passion and psyche back. My slump began from experiencing a horrific climbing accident. I was belaying a friend who was trad leading. He was climbing a really stout and hard trad route, after placing one piece he felt out the moves… then climbed down. Once he started to weigh his only piece, it shifted and popped out of place. He decked on a ledge high up, passed out, and started falling face first down to the base (without a helmet). By the time I had time to react, I only had enough time to try to grab him by the harness and pull back as hard as I could.

Out of all the places he could land, he landed face first at the edge of a small boulder. He lost consciousness for a few seconds, experienced retro/anteriograde amnesia for 30 mintues. There was blood everywhere. His injuries looked really harsh, he bashed his skull and fractured the left facial bones. My friend is a tropper though, he was super calm and composed the whole time. Still being a jokester in the ambulance, and calm with the trips to two hospitals. I am really thankful there were climbers near by with EMT experience. As horrible as the falling accident was, it played out the best possible way. My buddy is doing great now, he had surgery to get a metal plate in his forehead (pretty cool) with no complications. All his injuries are injuries that can heal with time, and we are all really thankful for that.

That was the first traumatizing experience for climbing for me. Even still at this moment, I know its going to take time for me to get back on ropes.

The 2nd slumpper came with my hyped expected trip to Bishop for spring break. I love Bishop. Its my favourate place to boulder so far. Unfortunately, (as you can read in my previous blog post) I contracted the influenza virus on my trip. All these series of unfortunate climbing events really bummed me out.

The last slump came from misplacing my quickdraw necklace I have been wearing for a while. I took it off to try on another necklace. The next day I was looking for it, it was nowhere to be found.

I am a person who believes in fatalism. Which basically means I believe the subjugation of all events or actions to fate. Maybe all these intense traumatizing/unfortunate events happening so often & so close together means something. I should take a break from climbing for my own sake.

I was still sick and the “What The Crux Competition” is coming up the following weekend. I have been in partner with ThreshHold Gym to set up this event for CCS series competition for my university and climbing club. A few days before the comp day I attempted to climb for the first time in a few weeks. I was flailing on V3s, from the lack of energy due to the flu. After a few attempts at some problems I couldnt handle any more climbing. Once I got home my high fever started to come back. Super bummer. I couldn’t compete in an event ive been planning for since last year.

Yesterday was the comp. The virus in my system subscided, I finally felt like myself. I forgot that I already pre-paid for the comp a while back. I was thinking of competing, when I started to shuffle through my climbing bag I found my quickdraw necklace! From that moment I decided, what the hell… Ill try to climb and compete. The competition went well, I felt strong in comparison to the rest of the girls in the comp.

The results were in, as they called the results for the rest of the women my name still didnt come up. Once was the OPEN category was called, it was a surprise to see that my name (and only my name) was called. I placed 1st in OPEN! Also placed 2nd, and 3rd in open I guess haha. No other woman competed in the open category with me. So basically, I was competing against myself.

Lets just say the $100 prize w/a massage got my psyche back. IM BACK BABY. Ready to crush again.


happy Sunday everyone!

-Natalie Duran