So apparently…

… I was crimping REALLY hard last night.

I went climbing at Louie Anderson’s “The Factory Climbing Gym” in Orange last night. The largest full bouldering gym in SoCal. The climbs and sets were amazing, over a hundred so far! The grand opening is this Saturday, free climbing, free food, free fun! I love new gym openings, all the holds are so textured, almost feels like real grippy sandstone. But… when I went home I looked at my fingers and there was a distinct line at my fingers tips that were BRIGHT RED. They felt really tight and looked like lil swell Vienna sausages.

I was working pretty hard on a few really crimpy problems. I love crimps, but I never had this weird red tint/swelling on the top finger joint. I guess I have to take it easy for the next few days, dont want it to get worse. Any insight from anyone? Or is it just a simple case of inflammation? Probably.

stay psyched & climb on!

-Natalie Duran