1st Time on a HIGH-LINE!

         Such an amazing experience! I was invited by David Kingston to do some high-lining and light bouldering up in *an undisclosed location*. I have no idea how to slack-line, so going straight into a high-line was insane. I didn’t even know how to feel, because it was happening TODAY.

           David brought all the gear to set up the line. It was crazy watching the entire process of setting up the line. So much gear… and I though trad climbing had a bunch of gear. Anchors for slack-lining is burl insane! The line was about 160ft long and ~40-50ft up in the air. After an hour of set-up we were ready to get on it. I some some crazy things.

Jon Fait enjoying the rush... blood rush.

Dan Krauss up on the line

David Kingstone doing some tricks & throwing out the "rock on" high up on the highline.

…Now it was my turn to get on. I tied the leash onto my harness with a figure 8. Took off my shoes, and slowly butt scooted out far enough so I don’t bash myself into the boulder if I took a fall. The feeling is insane! I was really surprised I wasn’t afraid of the exposure or the height. Come to think about the feeling, I wasn’t really scared at all. The rush of feeling and experiencing something new is what placed me in that state of conscious euphoria. I attempted to stand up but didnt get it. The mantle move to get back up on the line is insane. Surprisingly I got the mantle down pretty easy (I thank slabby bouldering top-outs). Even though I wasnt able to stand up and take a few steps the little whippers were so fun!

Taking whippers on a highline is so different (and WAY more fun) than climbing whippers. Whippers on these lines were fun and bouncy, I don’t have to worry about slamming my face onto a rock face. It is still important to be conscious where the leash is. Before I got on the line, I had a good ear on the horrible rare stories of people dislocating their leg because the leash was wrapped around a leg when they fell off the line.

No injuries for me thankfully! The rig for the high-line was sound. I had such a great time with great company! I defiantly want to try high-lining again… but; I defiantly have to practice on walking on a slackline. Get the basics down first, it has to be done.

I *secretly* have a crush on the rush high-lining gives me. Don’t tell anyone. A crush that might develop to a love.

Get high everyone!

-Natalie Duran