Dang, Really?

I currently climb in my local gym ~3-4 weekdays each week. Tonight the gym was filled with fun vibes and great climbs with friends! We are all really silly, and then one of my friends took a pic of me climbing… when I looked at it I did not know I was THAT buff. Freaked me out.

Before I started climbing I was insanely skinny; because I am blessed with fast metabolism genes. The years before I started climbing, my body weight stayed at a stagnant 90lbs. I fell in love with climbing instantly, soon after BAM muscles arose. I had no fat to loose, so muscle is what I gained. During my time in the gym I don’t train at all, just climb… a lot. haha.

A funny pattern is whenever I gas up at an ARCO station, there is always some random dood that goes, “DANG gurl… how much you press?”
(as i try to hide my muscles) I say, “I climb, so I don’t know… my own weight?”

Whenever I hear my non-climbing friends say they want tone arms I always suggest climbing. Its fun and it really does get you fit, if you keep up with it.


Alright, Climb on my buff climbing friends!

– Natalie Duran