So apparently…

… I was crimping REALLY hard last night.

I went climbing at Louie Anderson’s “The Factory Climbing Gym” in Orange last night. The largest full bouldering gym in SoCal. The climbs and sets were amazing, over a hundred so far! The grand opening is this Saturday, free climbing, free food, free fun! I love new gym openings, all the holds are so textured, almost feels like real grippy sandstone. But… when I went home I looked at my fingers and there was a distinct line at my fingers tips that were BRIGHT RED. They felt really tight and looked like lil swell Vienna sausages.

I was working pretty hard on a few really crimpy problems. I love crimps, but I never had this weird red tint/swelling on the top finger joint. I guess I have to take it easy for the next few days, dont want it to get worse. Any insight from anyone? Or is it just a simple case of inflammation? Probably.

stay psyched & climb on!

-Natalie Duran

5 thoughts on “So apparently…

  1. Hey Nat, nice seeing you at the gym last night. You might want to check out Dave MacLeod’s blog. He might have an answer to your question and other questions. Peace!

  2. it is inflammation. the same thing has happened to me before while crimping, but I would be careful; when it happened to me and my fingers felt tight the day after I attempted to pop my knuckles and ended up messing up something in my first knuckle on my right pointer finger. I can still feel scar tissue crunching in it if I have a strenuous crimp session.

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