Bishop Project Sending

Just came back from one of the best climbing trips ive had in my life. Great friends, great climbs, great weather. It was very nice to come back and send first go of Smooth Shrimp [V6] out in the buttermilks!

Send Video: problem goes as a traverse on crimps. But honestly, I would call it a really soft V6. Speaking because the crimps are really bomber… almost jugs in some areas. And the end of the climb goes up a V1 up on flakes to the top of the boulder. Having no crash pads for the whole section of this climb will probably help you not butt dab. Definitely one that doesnt involve a mental challenge compared to the rest of the buttermilks. Speaking where the biggest challenge of the boulder problem would being high of the deck. The most terrifying part for my climbing on Bubba Gump boulder is the V1 down climb haha. Nonetheless, maybe if this climb was 15ft higher off the deck I could call it a V6 with the extra mental challenge. For now… its a soft but dragging V6.

My first attempt at this climb was last month, where I nearly flashed it… but failed to finish the climb because I was on my 3rd day of straight climbing on my first trip to bishop. My fingers were TRASHED bleeding, and I was exhausted. When I arrived at this boulder on my 2nd trip I got it first go, pretty cheese. Pretty excited about that. I still have yet to touch high planes drifter! Next trip!

-Natalie Duran