Dealing with Influenza in Bishop

Ive been psyched because I planned on spending my spring break boulding in Bishop. Unfortunately, I contracted Influenza a couple days before my trip. My symptoms didnt show up until the day of the trip… so I had to suck it up for the sake of the rest of the climbing party, there’s no way I could go home.

I couldnt complain, because I had the most gorgeous view outside my hospital bed (aka my crashpad bed in my tent). I tried climbing the first day. One attempt on a climb equaled an hour sleeping under the boulder… from then rest is what I needed.

The first night with influenza in Bishop was insane. We camped out in this gorgeous site away from anyone else. Sounds from the adjacent creek soothed my death pain. My first night involved a high fever and blaring headache with little sleep yay. The temperature outside was 35F. Even with the chilly weather I was sleeping on top of all my blankets with a sports bra and shorts on. The world felt like the temperature of my body, a constant 101F.

Pretty bummed my climbing trip was ruined by the flu. Ive was so psyched to get out to Bishop again, ive been training to start/finish some projects. The only project I crushed was dying in my tent.

so so sad. next time.

climb on, and be healthy

-Natalie Duran