Climb Hard = Drink Hard

This weekend I climbed up in Palm Springs Ariel Tramway. It so feels good to be back! I have to admit (after a solid 7 days on plastic) warming up on peppered granite bites back HARD. This will be my 2nd season up in tramway, ready to hit new projects and climbs. I met up with a radtastic group of friends.¬† It was an awesome bouldering day trip filled with tons-o’-lowball sending, wouldn’t have it any other way. Not to mention the random snow fall shaped like delicious white dip-n-dots!


Girl beta… works every time ;D

 Sandal Sending

I desperately humped a rock for a solid 3 min… while everyone watched.

My friend Kevin (& his appendages) doing some crazy moves on Byron’s Roof!

Our group of 8 climbers ended the day at Getaway Cafe. We had some delicious carne esada fries, and killed 12 pitches of hangar 24. Our night consisted of watching youtube movie clips that have “climbing” in them… followed by an intense critique about how unrealistic they are.

The best one is that flaccid looking girl, Kirsten Stewart in “Catch that Kid”:

MAGICAL how she didn’t deck with all her quickdraws breaking off. Her ghost belayer must have an insane running belay.

Anyways… great granite climbs, fun people & beer… recipe for a great climbing trip.

Get out there & stay psyched!

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–> Natalie Duran

6 thoughts on “Climb Hard = Drink Hard

  1. Looks fun! Was one of those boulders Thin Lizzy? Looked familiar, but I’m probably wrong ha.

    Man I’m DEFINITELY going to have to visit Cali some day and do some climbing. Our best place for climbing is in one of the coldest regions of the country. Go figure!

    • Haha totally different climbing area! Your talking about Jtree with Thin Lizzy boulder… every climb in this post is in palm springs ariel tramway!

      • Ah, some of the close ups all look alike to me! =D You lucky Americans, hoarding all the good climbing spots in one area, pffft :p

    • I climbed a lot of low balls… no need for a spotter with a layer of crashpads.

      But yea, it is important to have spotters on any climber. You never know where they can land. People fall weird sometimes.

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