My Weekend:

  • Saturday: November 3rd 2012

On Saturday I did some plastic pulling at an ABS competition. This ABS comp was held Louie Anderson’s gym The Factory in Orange, CA.
There were 166 pristine problems open for grabs. I had a great time, and also happened to snag 1st place overall for womens Adv/Open category!

No those black heels are not a new model for Madrock! Not sure a tight mini-skirt would be too great climb in, especially for all those heel hooks and high foot steps. After the awards ceremony I immediately had to drive back to Riverside for my sister-in-law’s engagement party. An open bar is perfect timing to celebrate a matrimonial gathering, and a 1st place winning.

  • Sunday: November 4th 2012

My friend Jackie Trejo invited me to join her and a few friends to sport climbing day trip up in Holcomb Valley – Big Bear, CA. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel after a day of competing & celebrating.. but to my surprise I was alright and ready to go!

For some reason the devil refuses to take back his hell weather in Southern California. I took a look at the expected high temperature for the Inland Empire and it was set at 92F. Escaping to the mountains seemed like a fantastic decision.

When we arrived at the South Parking Lot we saw this cute husky run towards us. Her name is Kiera, and we wanted to steal her because she was so friendly and fluffy. To our surprise she started to follow us down the climber’s trail. So we attempted to look around for her owner, and after scouting the perimeter we found no one. She did have an owner’s tag, so we decided to bring her with us until we found reception. I put her on a makeshift climber’s leash which was composed of an alpine sling and a biner.

After a couple hours of molesting the dog, we found the owner at the lower crags. Kiera apparently loves to wander around. They told us she is so friendly she will follow anyone around. Makes sense.

The weather was so sublime. My whole day compromised of sporadic naps and Lucky Buddha Beer drinking. In between that I lead only two climbs, but both onsighted so I would consider that a successful Sunday.

Tree pose within a tree

Lastly, I think its time we bring back the retro leggin’ climbing days… Who’s in it with me?

Stay Psyched & Climb ON everyone!

–>Natalie Duran

Holcomb Sport & Bouldering

Yet again! Some shots from camping out this past weekend in Holcomb Valley Pinnacles. Dedicated my weekend to introduce beginner climbers to real rock.

–> Campsite


–> Sport Climbing


–> Bouldering

Stay Psyched & Climb ON everyone!

-Natalie Duran

Holcomb Sport / Big Bear Lake Bouldering

I spent the past two days in Big Bear Lake, CA. Located in the San Bernadino Mountain range and 6,700 ft in elevation. Garry Dodds was nice enough to show me around Holcomb Valley Pinnacles, and some of the boulders on the North Shore.

Climbers head up to Big Bear mainly for sport climbing in Holcomb Valley. There is also a nice selection of boulders in Holcomb and around Big Bear Lake. There is a great guidebook for roped routes in Big Bear Basin (Hidden Treasures East – Rock Climbing in the San Bernadino Mountains), a selection of routes are also in the Southern California Sport Climbing. Most of the routes established and labeled in the book are easy – moderate, and involve no more than 8 quickdraws. Climbs ranging 5.12+ are sparse.

However (to my knowledge) there is no guidebook for bouldering in in the area. There is a large collection of undeveloped boulders in Holcomb. While walking around, I saw really promising lines covered in lichen. I did boulder for a bit in the North Shore area. A climber trail is clearly established that lead to this large boulder just off the 18 highway.

Climbing up in Big Bear is great during the summer, to escape the blazing heat in the Inland Empire/Desert/LA areas. Besides climbing, Big Bear is plentiful for mountain biking trails, and fun 4-wheel driving roads. During the winter this is a prime spot for skiing and snowboarding in Southern California. Driving up the 330 you hit Snow Valley Mountain Resort, and then further in Big Bear City you have Bear Mountain Ski Resort.

Stay Psyched & Climb ON!

-Natalie Duran