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Send First, Heal Later

It has been a while since I touched real rock. I finally had time to get outdoors to climb this past weekend. For some magical reason the entire west-coast has been in a perfect 70F weather utopia the past three months. It may not be the ideal cold sending weather, but it still makes for a great vacation climbing trip. After minimal consideration I made a trip out to Red Rocks, Nevada.

Next Hold Selected.

Day One: The first day out was really tough, mentally and finger tip physically. My fingers were shedding too fast. Then my mental psyche fell to the floor as each dermis layer shredded. The Pearl [V5] will forever be my enemy. I watched multiple climbers statically reach up to the last crimp, from the start move with a drop knee. I attempted to extend all my limbs, unfortunately I was just a few inches short. Whenever my extension lacks, I have to resort to additional moves on tiny holds with high feet. The Pearl crimp dishes knifed into my skin too fast, so I had to give up this time.

We camped the first night, with terrifying 40mph+ wins throughout the night. I laid there awake most of the night staring at the roof of my tent, waiting for the moment where it would collapse upon me. I was terrified my long weekend of climbing might be cut short due to the crash pad kite winds. Thankfully I survived, and once the sun rose the wind disappeared.

Day two: Psyche up. My climber personality feeds off of the presence and energy of people. I find it difficult to continue climbing if I climb alone. I have attempted to project climbs by myself up int he wilderness. That day usually starts off with a solid 5 attempts, and then I proceed with a snack binge with a nap on my crash pad under a shaded tree. I was about to nap under a boulder until a huge group walked up. My energy spiked, and I was ready to try hard.

Red Rocks BoulderingOn the sunny side of “The Hot Tub Club” boulder is a climb called Vino Rojo [V6]. This climb has some great movement on solid rock. Unfortunately it faces the sun most of the day. It starts with jump to a sloper, with the immediate moves belonging to two solid undercling jugs. Thin feet and hands top out to a slab that contain two dime edge crimps. This boulder is a good height to get psyched.

Night Two: Everyone should know the geographical location of Red Rocks. It is 30 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip. If any climber has a party gene in them, they can get dirty in the dirt during the day then dirty dance through the night. We decided to go out to the rooftop Ghost Bar in the Palms resort. Going to a club on a Sunday night tends to be less populated, fortunately they have a great happy hour!

Day three: Try Hard Mode. Day three was the last day to climb. All tips aside, this was the day to give it my all. Here is a quick send video of the boulder I ascended on day two, and went back on day three to get a video of it. This climb is called Tied to the Whipping Post [V6] out in Kraft Bouders. It is located on the shady side of “Hot Tub Club” boulder along with Vino Rojo.

I actually popped my shoulder out of its socket during the video with the cross match, and popped back in. So i’m currently injured, BUT managed to finish the climb haha. Yay?

If anyone has any suggestions about how to deal with shoulder injuries I would love to know. I know the best solution right now is to heal and rest the shoulder. Rest days are hard for me, so I thought of doing just core workouts without any shoulder involvement or just do left shoulder isolation training moves while my right shoulder heals.

Try Hard Mode was a success, but I may have pushed it past the safety limits.

Cheers, & Climb on!

-Natalie Duran

2014 GOALS

I look up to my bookshelf, which is currently occupied by climbing books. My collection of books has grown in the past year, not because I visited more climbing areas … but for the reason I am a nerd and I love buying books. In this PDF flooded age of eye squinting nonsense, I will always appreciate ink on paper.

SO my goal for 2014 is to attempt to visit every climbing guidebook area that is currently on my shelf. The areas I haven’t touched before are:
- Bishop sport/trad climbing
- Red Rocks sport
- Tuolumne Meadows
- Lake Tahoe Bouldering
- Big Chief Area
- Williamson Rock
- Horeseshoe Canyon
- NYC Bouldering

I have a bad habit of calling myself just a “boulderer”. The truth is, I still have a fear of ropes since I witnessed a friend falling in a bad trad accident. That was years ago, and I need to get over it. So time to mentally train! It’s going to be hard to push myself mentally, but I will try to deal with it instead of numbing through the conflict.

I’m getting psyched flipping thorough the pages of areas I have not climbed at before. Which makes me appreciate all the hard work the authors put in to each and every book. Your research, scoping, and willingness to share information is greatly appreciated by the entire climbing community and me. So thanks Louie Anderson, Robert Miramontes, John Long, Eric Hörst, Alan Moore, Tom Slater, and so many more.

Who else is down with me!?
Climb on.

-Natalie Duran


I am always thankful for my sponsors. As a climbing athlete I have not received any money for climbing, but I do get the perks. My family is also happy and thankful to my sponsors, because they always steal my clothes/energy bars I obtain. Sometimes they munch through a whole box of Rise Bars before I even get to taste them. Speaking of food, the sponsoring companies often ask me to respond to some generic questions & product reviews.

Most of the time I am 100% coherent and can reply with sincerity, sometimes I reply in the middle of the night where my replies can get a little incoherent. Innovativ Carts asks what are the foods I hate, in which I reply with:

“Hate is a strong word. All food children are beautiful and delicious.”

I cannot dispute this statement. If you have an emotional connection with your food, they taste better I swear. Anyways, before this conversation gets any more outlandish here are some bios from the companies I am an advocate/ambassador of:

My next post will be about the my climbing goals for 2014.

Cheers & Happy Holidays,

-Natalie Duran