Joshua Tree Shenanigans

Climbing can be serious business, and it can be for pure fun. Projecting can turn oneself into a dark beast. No one or nothing else matters but SENDING. It’s always important to have a balance in having serious and fun climbing trips to prevent insanity.

I appreciate Joshua Tree because i’ve met and bonded with so much great people. I’m really glad i’m a photowhore and capture as much precious moments as possible. Some of the most memorable trips i’ve been on, involved gooofin’ around. Enjoy the following shenanigans.


  • One solo trip out to J-Tree I attempted to Climb Inquisition [V6] roof crack boulder problem that goes out to an off-width section to the top out. That day symptoms of the flu were setting in, so I slept on my crashpads for 3 hours. When I woke up, there was this tortoise with a DEATH STARE inches from my face. Creeper was watching me sleep. He slowly turned around, and I decided to harass him before he left.


The video that inspired me to post is from the video below. The west entrance of Joshua Tree has a Santanas Mexican Food Restaurant as soon as you turn left out of Park Ave. Santanas is infamous for their butt blasting california burritos. These gigantic $5 California burritos are packed with carne asada, french fries, cheese, cilantro, sour cream, and your choice of salsa. The burrito isn’t the important part of this story… but i’m really hungry right now and my taste bud nostalgia is raging at the moment. ANYWAYS I love that outdoor climbing trip. I’ve experienced that climbing trips easily convert acquaintances into besties within a day. We all were highly entertained by the 25 cent fake mustaches. Once I placed that furry tape onto my upper lip, my personality changed into Senior Pedo. Below is Senor Pedo in action.

Who knew 25 cents can source hours of entertainment for a group of climbers.



-> Thank you for joining me through this shenanigan filled trip to Joshua Tree National Park. Love, Natalie Duran.



  • Who says you can’t climb with a smile on… only if its easy trad.


  • You know its peak Josh season when you have enough boulders running around to level out the gap at the Lizzy Boulder in the Outback.


  • This climb is called “Heinous Anus”, so appropriately named. Where the start hold is literally a hole you can fist in. There is also a divot that helps if you kinda finger the hole. No pun indeed, it just happens that way. Just the tip. “Hey bru, get your banana out of my hole… i’m trying to climb”


  • I also have a bad habit of getting REALLY psyched on the drive to the park.


  • I appreciate the spectacular Joshua Tree botany and wildlife… by licking it.


  • Climbing like our cave man predecessors did.


Thank you for visiting Joshua Tree National Park. We hope you had a delightful trip. Please come back soon, and have a safe drive.

-Natalie Duran